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Your Choice of the Best Essential Oils!

Here at Healing Solutions, we believe in the power of choice - especially when it comes to matters of your health. Because of this, we offer an extensive variety of single essential oils for you to choose from. Whether you want to unlock the relaxing and meditative qualities of Frankincense or experience the uplifting power of Rose, we carry hundreds of pure therapeutic-grade oils at prices you can afford.

Each single essential oil has its own distinctive uses and characteristics. For instance, our 100% pure therapeutic grade Peppermint essential oil is energizing and uplifting and can be used to warm skin and muscles, sooth itchy skin, or aid in decongesting.

Use a diffuser for instant aromatherapy, or add a couple drops of your favorite variety to a warm bath with bath salts. When mixed with a carrier oil, single essential oils can be applied directly to the skin to provide relief and promote a safe and natural sense of wellness.

However you prefer to enjoy the benefits, you can always count on receiving superior essential oils any time you choose to shop with Healing Solutions.

Unlock the Healing Benefits of Therapeutic Grade Single Essential Oils

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils provide a wealth of natural healing benefits.  Producing the purest essential oils requires the use of quality plants. It can often take hundreds of pounds of plant material to extract a single pound of high quality oil.

We have committed to offer only those oils that have been processed using the highest quality plants available. When you buy from Healing Solutions, you can count on receiving pure, single essential oils that were harvested and processed naturally from carefully selected plants.

The best oils comes from the best plants. Because we care about your health and convenience, we offer the highest quality single essential oils at affordable prices.

Subscribe for Even More Savings!

All of our single essential oils are available on subscription basis. This means that you can have any oil shipped automatically at set intervals of your choosing. Sign up for this unique service and you’ll even save 10% or more off the individual purchase price! You might also like to check out our Oil of the Month Club - another unique offering that surprises you with new essential oils every month!