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essential oils to quit smoking

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult things you'll ever do.

The Royal College of Physicians of London reports that health professionals “need to acknowledge nicotine addiction as a major medical and social problem,” just like cocaine and heroin addiction.

Fortunately, nature offers ways to help reduce some of the stress and temptation that comes along with giving up cigarettes.

Enter essential oils.

6 Essential Oils To Quit Smoking

Can essential oils help you to quit smoking? The short answer is essential oils are not proven to cure any disease or illness. Different people will react to essential oils in different ways and you should always consult a medical professional when making any decisions related to your physical and mental health.

But stress is a contributing factor to cigarette smoking addiction, and we are pleased to offer essential oils that can help curb feelings of stress. Check out these essential oils:

#1 Black Pepper Essential Oil

Many people consider black pepper essential oil to be the best option when trying to overcome nicotine addiction and quit smoking. Studies dating back to the 90s show that black pepper is highly effective at reducing cravings when compared to other methods.

In addition, black pepper essential oil also helped people to experience the greatest reduction in negative symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal in studies. The use of this essential oil even helps to reduce feelings of anxiety that goes along with no longer being able to reach for a cigarette.

That can be huge if you're having a hard time backing away from cigarettes on an emotional level. Apparently, the secret behind why black pepper essential oil is so effective at reducing the urge to smoke is that the sensation black pepper essential oil creates in the chest is very similar to the sensation that is created from smoking.

#2 Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Need a mood booster while experiencing symptoms of anxiety and stress while on your journey to quit smoking? Sweet Orange essential oil has a refreshingly bright scent that can be used to improve irritable moods and provide you with a feeling of energy. Sweet Orange oil is known for having a sedative effect which can help you to relax and alleviate anger and certain bodily inflammations and irritations that you may experience. When experiencing withdrawal symptoms, your body will need a chance to reset. This is where sweet orange essential oil can help! Many diffuse this oil to use it as a tonic to tone up body systems and to boost the immune system. Studies suggest this amazing essential oil can also help to improve cognitive function, which may benefit you during the withdrawal process. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

#3 Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman chamomile essential oil may be a gift when you simply need to take the edge off after a long day and cigarette cravings are spiking. That's because this popular essential oil is full of soothing qualities. It can create an overall calming effect that soothes a stressed mind. It can also relieve tension throughout the body and help a person to release grief and anger. Tapping into the soothing properties of Roman chamomile essential oil can be an amazing alternative when the call of a cigarette gets louder and louder after a tough day.

#4 Lavender Essential Oil 

Look to lavender if you want to slap down feelings of temptation. The lavender essential oil can be a very powerful tool for helping to relieve the anxiety and tension that often creep up when you quit cigarettes. What's more, lavender has been shown to soothe the central nervous system. Lavender is also very effective when it comes to combating restlessness and insomnia. You already know how strongly both of those things can come on in those initial days when you're trying to stay away from cigarettes. One other thing to know about lavender essential oil can help with the symptoms of respiratory problems.

#5 Peppermint Essential Oil

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal aren't very pretty for some people. Many people experience headaches, nausea, digestive issues, and irritability when they give up smoking. The discomfort can cause them to go running back to their cigarettes before they've truly even started their journeys to quitting.

This is where peppermint essential oil can be helpful. This essential oil is known to provide relief for headaches and nausea. The fresh, bold scent of peppermint oil offers a very welcome contrast to the smell of cigarette smoke. In fact, starting your day with some peppermint oil can be far more inspiring than reaching for your usual cigarette.

#6 Rosemary Essential Oil

What if you're experiencing severe headaches without any accompanying nausea during your period of nicotine withdrawal? You might want to reach for some rosemary essential oil. Rosemary essential oil has been used as a folk remedy for headaches for generations. Rosemary oil is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties that lessen the severity of pounding headaches.

Quit Smoking With Help From Essential Oils

Nobody is saying that quitting smoking will feel like a picnic. However, essential oils can be used to relieve some of the stress and temptation that sabotage so many people once they declare that they're done with cigarettes. One great aspect of using essential oils is how the ritualistic element of doing so will help to replace the habit of smoking.

Using essential oils can nourish the body and soul in a way that makes it easier to give up cigarettes on an emotional level. Of course, the physical and cognitive benefits offered by essential oils ensure that you're in top condition as you embark on a new life without nicotine.

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