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GCMS Results

There are very few independent essential oil chemistry experts and associated labs in the world and they generally have extremely tough schedules and offer very expensive testing services.

We were able to coordinate with two of the top experts and labs in the industry to have our most popular oils GCMS verified as pure and unadulterated.

Above are the results of comprehensive gc/ms testing for our top five oils by two different experts and labs. Primarily due to time constraints and scheduling on the part of the labs we were able to over the course of several months run all of our top 15 through one of the labs, and these tests can be seen below.

About the Experts and Labs


Spectrix Labs specializes in Gas Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry analysis of essential oils, hydrosols, fragrances and flavors. Prior to starting Spectrix Labs in 1991, Larry Jones worked at Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical and served on the Chemistry Board at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Quality control for the essential oils produced Elizabeth Van Buren Inc., which is co-owned by Larry Jones, is ensured by Spectrix Labs.

Larry Jones lectures regularly at “The College for Botanical Healing Arts” (COBHA), gives workshops on essential oil purity, and works with chemists in the industry to improve the quality of essential oils. Larry and his wife, Elizabeth Jones, have built these businesses together. For over twenty years, Spectrix Labs, the College of Botanical Healing Arts, and Elizabeth Van Buren Inc. have been setting industry benchmarks for quality analysis, education, and products.

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Pyrenessences Analyses

“Daniel Dantin is a world-recognized chemist, and many companies in the aromatherapy world send their essential oils to him for expert testing. Mr. Dantin is known for his professionalism and expertise, as well as his reasonable fees for analyses.”

“In the words of Marge Clark (Nature’s Gift): “[Daniel is] one of the most highly regarded analysts in the industry, who is known for his impartiality.”

The laboratory, Pyrenessences Analyses was created in 2002 at the demand of their clients who wished to know the composition of their essential oils. The provision of this analysis is a natural extension of their professional expertise, combining their competence in organic chemistry with their fieldwork experience of essential oils.

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