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essential oils for utis

People who are prone to UTIs can grow tired of dealing with the side effects of antibiotics. However, ignoring a bladder infection really isn't an option. A bladder infection can make life feel unbearable due to extreme pain. Who can live with symptoms like stabbing pain near the abdomen, cloudy and foul-smelling urine?

Fortunately, essential oils have been shown to kill bacteria and restore balance to the bladder.  

Using Essential Oils As Prescribed By Your Doctor

Remember, consult your doctor first before making any health decision. Many people have found success with essential oils to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) but every single person is unique and subject to react negatively to essential oils.

Also, you don't necessarily have to shun modern medicine when using essential oils to treat your UTI. The good news is that many of the essential oils that are effective for getting rid of UTIs are just as or even more effective when they are taken in conjunction with prescribed antibiotics.

That means that you can use natural oils to make the antibiotics that your doctor prescribes for you even more effective. Be sure to research and apply the necessary application or ingestion method for your chosen essential oil before use.

How Essential Oils Combat UTIs 

Many popular essential oils have natural antibacterial properties. That means that they can naturally kill the bacteria responsible for bladder infections.

What's more, some preliminary studies show that essential oils can be effective at combating bacteria even after it has become resistant to antibiotics. It turns out that many of the spiciest, tangiest essential oils are the ones that are the best at fighting bacteria and treating UTIs.

The oils highlighted below have been chosen specifically because they can kill E. coli bacteria, which is typically responsible for bladder infections. 

6 Essential Oils That Fight UTIs

Are you desperate to find some natural ways to get rid of urinary tract infections? There are six essential oils that have been studied for their abilities to treat UTIs. Take a look at them! 

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil comes from the clove trees of Southeast Asia. Clove oil is a powerhouse when it comes to treating many types of infections and sources of pain in the body. Many people find success with using clove oil for toothaches.

That's because studies have shown that clove is actually effective at fighting the bacteria that is responsible for gum infections. Those same bacteria-fighting properties have also been found to be effective when it comes to bladder infections. 

Cinnamon Essential Oil

It's easy to be a fan of the warm scent of cinnamon. However, you may not realize that cinnamon essential oil can also be your best defense against painful bladder infections. Studies have found that a natural chemical in cinnamon called cinnamaldehyde is actually effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Many believe that this is why cinnamon is so helpful when it comes to stopping bladder infections. 

Cumin Essential Oil

Cumin essential oil has a reputation for being a bacteria killer. In fact, studies have shown that cumin oil can kill substantial amounts of bacteria when compared to other options like chamomile oil or onion oil.

Cumin essential oil has a good record when used alone to treat bladder infections. However, many medical professionals also suggest using cumin oil in combination with antibiotics when treating aggressive UTIs. That is definitely something to consider if you like the idea of balancing modern medicine with homeopathic remedies. 

Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander essential oil is another highly recognized natural treatment for infections. Studies have shown that coriander essential oil has the power to kill many different types of bacteria. What really makes coriander stand out is that this essential oil can fight bacteria resistance.

That is huge news if you have been forced to take a wide variety of antibiotics over the years due to chronic bladder infections or other types of infections. Coriander essential oil can be especially effective as a remedy for bladder infections when it is paired with antibiotics. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil

You're probably already familiar with the astringent qualities of tea tree oil if you've used it for topical purposes in the past. What you might not know is tea tree essential oil also has been shown to display powerful antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that tea tree oil has the potential to inhibit a wide variety of bacteria types. That includes E. coli. 

Oil of Wild Oregano

Wild oil of oregano has earned a reputation for being able to fight a wide variety of infections within the body. In fact, it has been documented as a remedy for many ailments since ancient times.

How powerful is this oil? Oil of wild oregano is known to have antifungal properties and the ability to kill parasites. This is the oil to know about if you want to get serious about fighting off the things that are causing you pain or making you sick. It turns out that the volatile oils in oregano actually have the power to inhibit bacterial growth.

Wild Oregano oil is also effective at counteracting antibiotic resistance. Oil of wild oregano's ability to fight bladder infections comes down to a volatile oil called carvacrol. It has been discovered that carvacrol can eradicate bacteria in the body. Oil of wild oregano is actually the oil with the highest concentration of carvacrol. 

Sometimes you have to look to nature to find a way to kill bacteria and keep your body in balance. The essential oils we've talked about here have incredible powers for killing bacteria and keeping painful infections at bay.

Whether you prefer to use these oils on their own or in combination with prescribed antibiotics is up to you. Just knowing that you have the power to treat a urinary tract infection from home whenever your next one strikes can give you peace of mind.




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