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Are Essential Oils Good For Toothaches?

By Healing Solutions February 20, 2019 0 comments

essential oils for toothaches

Dealing with the nagging, searing pain of a toothache? Looking for a natural, home remedy? Essential oils might help!

5 Essential Oils For Toothache Relief

Essential oils can be very effective at reducing painful symptoms caused by inflammation or infection. Here are five essential oils that may help relieve your tooth pain.  Please note that essential oils for ingestion will need to be diluted with an appropriate ingestible carrier oil.  Also, always consult your physician or dentist for toothache issues.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil has been used for pain relief for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Clove is also popularly used to heal mouth sores and fight infections in the mouth.

You probably already know clove for its rich scent. Many toothpastes and mouthwashes contain clove for this reason. That means that most people using mainstream products already use clove for oral care without knowing it.

The pain-reducing capabilities of clove have been shown to match those of benzocaine. What's more, clove has been proven to kill bacteria.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree oil has a reputation for having very potent antiseptic qualities. This allows Tea Tree oil to kill the bacteria inside cavities and fight infections.

What's more, this oil helps to reduce pain due to its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic qualities. It also possesses antimicrobial qualities.

You don't have to wait until tooth pain strikes to enjoy the benefits of Tea Tree oil. Many people use it to clean and whiten teeth regularly.

Bay Essential Oil 

Bay essential oil is derived from the leaves of the beautiful bay tree, which can also be referred as Bay Leaf or Laurel Leaf.  This oil is known to have both astringent and analgesic qualities.

That means that it can actually help to reduce pain stemming from the nerves. The astringent qualities of bay oil cause blood vessels to contract. As a result, the oil can relieve pressure that is being felt in the cranial nerves.

Of course, the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of Bay oil are helping to actually kill the germs that could be causing the pain at the same time. This is an oil that covers all the bases!

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil can be identified by its woody aroma. Many people are surprised to find out just how effective this pleasant-smelling oil is when it comes to healing the mouth and gums.

Many people use myrrh oil to help mouth sores and canker sores heal quickly. That means that this could be a solution if your toothache is stemming from a sore that is present inside your mouth.

The fact that Myrrh has antifungal and antimicrobial properties means that it can be helpful regardless of the source of an infection in the mouth.

Thieves Oil

Do you like the idea of bringing several different oils together to unleash some serious pain-fighting power?

Thieves oil is a mixture of several essential oils. Many people find that the particular combination of oils in this mixture is very effective when it comes to fighting infections and reducing pain.

Thieves oil contains clove oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil and rosemary oil. The mixture both reduces pain and fights infection. In addition to soothing toothaches, Thieves oil is also used to address gum disease and mouth sores. 

Safety and Precautions

Discovering an essential oil that can reduce pain and bring healing to your mouth will make it easier to smile again.

Of course, it's important to keep some things in mind as you look to essential oils to heal your tooth pain. First, you'll need to dilute your chosen essential oil with an appropriate ingestible carrier oil. And, you should never neglect a damaged tooth or broken dental work.

Always seek the guidance of a dentist if you suspect that something serious is going on inside your mouth. You should ask your dentist if it's okay to use essential oils in conjunction with whatever treatments you are being prescribed.

Essential oils may not be appropriate for treating toothaches and dental pain in young children. Don't assume that all essential oils are appropriate for teething babies. You should always ask your pediatrician before you use essential oils to treat a child. 

You will probably experience some degree of relief almost immediately after using essential oils to treat your toothache for the first time. Don't be discouraged if you don't get full relief right away. It can often take several days of using essential oils several times per day before experiencing any long-term, constant relief. 

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