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Meticulously Curated Essential Oil Sets for Your Convenience!

Our essential oil sets provide the best value on a full spectrum of natural and effective oils and blends. Whether you are looking for oils with powerful healing and therapeutic qualities, potent essential oils for blending fragrances, or pure aromatherapy essential oil sets, Healing Solutions carries the highest quality products on the market.

Try the Ultimate Family Doctor Set

Every healing essential oil contained in this set is of the highest quality, expected to meet rigorous testing standards for purity and potency. The Ultimate Family Doctor Set is the perfect package for anyone seeking essential oils that promote wellness of the mind and body.

This particular set was expertly assembled in order to promote wellness. From pain management to sleep aid and energy enhancements, every premium essential oil and blend included in this set promotes natural fitness and well-being.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sets

If you haven’t yet experienced the invigorating effect of aromatherapy, you need to consider our Beginner’s Aromatherapy Set today. Aromatherapy is a naturally simulating and pleasant way to take advantage of the soothing elements inherently contained within your premium essential oils.

The soothing, tranquil and healing benefits of aromatherapy have captivated civilizations for millennia. It is well known that ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures revered the fragrance of pure essential oils and often reserved them for only the highest members of society.

Today, aromatherapy is used to ease anxiety, improve sleep, and revitalize the body and mind. We’ve focused on providing only the highest quality products at affordable prices to ensure that you get the most out of every purchase.

Subscribe and Save!

All of our essential oil products are available on subscription basis. This means that you can have any single oil, set, or blend shipped automatically at regular intervals of your choosing. Sign up for this unique service and you’ll even save 10% or more off the individual purchase price! You might also like to check out our Oil of the Month Club - another unique offering that surprises you with new essential oils every month!