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using essential oils for rosacea

Are you feeling hot?

Are you embarrassed?

Do you have acne?

What's wrong with your face?

You're probably tired of hearing these obnoxious questions about your skin if you're living with rosacea. Living with rosacea is anything but a bed of roses. You already know this if you routinely deal with flare-ups that force you to try to hide red, blotchy patterns on your face. Rosacea can show up on your forehead, eyelids, back, chest and ears. That means that it's almost impossible to conceal a flare-up when one occurs. Are you looking for alternative ways to heal rosacea? You may be able to aid rosacea outbreaks through essential oils. 


Note: While some may believe heavily in essential oil usage for rosacea, we are not suggesting essential oils provide a cure. We provide this information as a possible self-care routine and recommend you discuss any actions with a licensed physician before any essential oil usage.



Discover the Best Essential Oils for Rosacea (a natural, homeopathic treatment)

The good news is that you have everything to gain by taking control of your own rosacea treatments and experimenting with essential oils. Finding an essential oil that provides rosacea relief means that you might find relief through a natural, more homeopathic treatment method. What's more, you can leave behind the disappointment and negative side effects of many of the skin treatments that are offered to sufferers of rosacea. Of course, going natural doesn't have to mean leaving modern-day science behind. Keep your doctor (or dermatologist) in the loop on your plans to try essential oils to treat rosacea.


The nine essential oils to consider that may help you treat rosacea:


1. Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil for rosaceaThe astringent qualities of cypress essential oil make it a good fit for treating rosacea. This oil helps to fight inflammation and reduce redness. The woody aroma of this essential oil makes it a true pleasure to use. [ Buy Cypress Essential Oil ] 




2. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil for rosaceaGeranium isn't one of the popular essential oils out there. However, this hidden gem can be a huge help for anyone suffering from rosacea. That's because geranium essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This oil also stimulates lymphatic drainage through your skin. It has also been shown to promote the regulation of sebum production. [ Buy Geranium Essential Oil ]  [ Buy Rose Geranium Essential Oil ]







3. Helichrysum Essential Oil 

Helichrysum essential oil for rosacea

You might not be familiar with helichrysum oil. This little-known oil is derived from flowering plants in the sunflower family that are found throughout Africa, Madagascar, Australasia and Eurasia. This oil is a wonder when it comes to skin regeneration. In addition, it delivers results when it comes to soothing redness. One added benefit of helichrysum oil is that it kills the demodex mites that live on the hair and skin. Some believe that the presence of demodex mites could be one of the causes of rosacea. [ Buy Helichrysum Essential Oil ]



4. Patchouli Essential Oil  

Patchouli essential oil for rosaceaIt turns out that one of the most popular oils out there may be one of the best for treating rosacea. Patchouli essential oil has a reputation for being effective at treating dermatitis in many forms. This herb originates from the tropical regions of Asia. [ Buy Patchouli Essential Oil ]



5. Ho Wood Essential Oil   

Ho Wood essential oil for rosaceaHo wood essential oil smells very similar to rosewood oil. However, it has a level of benefits that other essential oils simply can't touch. Ho wood oil is famous for its cooling properties. What's more, it is known to alleviate redness and inflammation. This oil is often used by some to stimulate healing. [ Buy Ho Wood Essential Oil ]



6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil    

Eucalyptus essential oil for rosaceaEucalyptus essential oil is often a go-to remedy for skin issues. That's because this oil has been found to help fight minor infections that could be causing blemishes and legions on the skin. The scent of eucalyptus makes this oil a true sensation for the senses. [ Buy Eucalyptus Essential Oil ] [ Buy Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil ] [ Buy Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil ]



7. Tea Tree Essential Oil    

Tea Tree essential oil for rosaceaTea tree oil is one of the top inflammation inhibitors found in nature. Many people have successfully treated their rosacea using this oil. The astringent, cleansing properties of tea tree oil appear to help with relieving itchiness and healing irritated skin. [ Buy Tea Tree Essential Oil ] [ Buy Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil ]



8. Rose Essential Oil    

Rose essential oil for rosaceaMany people are familiar with rose essential oil because of the benefits it offers when it comes to stimulating circulation, enhancing libido, reducing stress, boosting mood and sharpening memory. However, rose oil has long been known to improve the appearance of skin. People use it to ease the symptoms associated with skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. [ Buy Rose Essential Oil ] [ Buy Rose Geranium Essential Oil ] [ Buy Rose (Absolute) Essential Oil ]



9. Lavender Essential Oil  

lavender essential oil for rosaceaEasy-to-obtain lavender oil is something that many people use to treat rosacea. Lavender essential oil is especially effective at reducing the redness that appears once a flare-up is already in process. This could be a good option if you have mild rosacea or if you're looking for a natural oil to supplement whatever treatment you're receiving from your dermatologist. [ Buy Lavender Essential Oil ] [ Buy Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil ]  [ Buy Organic Lavender Essential Oil ]


Patience is a Must When Trying Rosacea Naturally Using Essential oils

Sometimes it takes looking beyond conventional wisdom when it comes to treating a skin condition that just won't budge. Don't be discouraged if treatments don't seem to be doing much for your rosacea, keep trying to find solutions that work for you. You can experiment with the essential oils mentioned above to create natural soothing and healing right at home, or maybe a diet-based remedy is in your future. Patience definitely helps when it comes to trying out different essential oils for healing your rosacea. It could take up to two weeks for an oil to provide complete results. Don't be afraid to simply enjoy the process of using essential oils for your skin as you wait for signs of healing to show up. 


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