Find Natural Relief - Stocking Up for the Winter Months Posted on 07 Nov 10:14

Ok, so we’re all familiar with this time of year and what it means: all of a sudden, you can’t take in breaths through the nose; maybe your eyes get a little itchy or even puffy; the allergies start acting up and before you know it, everyday NORMAL functions become surprisingly difficult.  Headaches become an unwelcome daily companion. And sure - while the changing leaves and eventual snowfall can be supremely beautiful, the sinus and allergy season they bring along with them definitely is NOT.


So what to do? If you’re like us, you NEED relief from those stuffy sinuses and throbbing headaches, but you’re reluctant to load up on questionable chemicals and pharmaceutical painkillers. Well, lucky for you, we’ve been getting creative with solutions to these symptoms for some time (through personal experience!). Have a look at some of our favorite tricks for relieving those wintertime blues!

  1. Use A Diffuser - This is our #1 pick for a reason! With the appropriate blend of essential oils, a good diffuser can go a LONG way in helping to relieve that congestion (and even those stubborn headaches!). Simply load up your diffuser with healing essential oils (more on these a little further down!), place a towel over your head like an umbrella, lean over the diffuser and take several slow, deep breaths (through the nose, if possible!). The humidity of the EO-diffused air will help to break up that pesky congestion, and the EOs will work their magic on subtler levels that you may not be able to see, but definitely should be able to feel!

  2. Stay Well Hydrated - “Drink water” is about as simple of a solution as there is, but dehydration is a serious concern when battling sickness. Especially during these colder months, make an extra effort to stay hydrated. It often helps to switch it up a bit, too: don’t just drink water - brew lots of hot tea. The more intense flavor of heated drinks helps to stimulate the flow of saliva and mucus, which in turn helps to soothe the nasal pathways and even eliminate certain bacteria and viruses.

  3. Eat Garlic (Seriously) - That’s right - garlic is good for more than defending against vampires. It’s actually been used by cultures all around the world for centuries to protect against and even relieve symptoms of disease. Garlic is antifungal and antibacterial, and - believe it or not - is often used to help relieve congestion-related colds! So add it to that pasta or those sautéed onions. Or slice up a few cloves, drop them in a small pot with a cup or two of water, then heat until steaming. Lean in and slowly inhale the garlic-scented steam, but be careful: garlic is one POWERFUL smell, so it’s best to keep it at about an arm’s length when applying this technique!

  4. Try An Extra Pillow, Try No Pillow - If you’re trying to get a decent night’s sleep but can’t because… well… you can’t BREATHE, adjusting the angle of your neck might make all the difference. Consider adding a pillow and - if that doesn’t work - try sleeping on your back without a pillow to help jostle up some of that sinus congestion. Sometimes it really is as simple as that: adjusting the position and angle of the neck and sinuses often helps to drain the sinuses of that extra stuffiness and discomfort.

  5. Get Smart With Your Essential Oils - Of course, this is our go-to choice for addressing the discomfort often associated with this time of year. Choosing the right essential oils can make ALL the difference in your fight for easier breathing and headache-less days! We’ve even developed a set of essential oils specifically for coping with this crumby situation: Meet the Sinus Relief Cough & Cold Set, featuring all of our favorite essential oils for warding off the symptoms of congestion, headache, and other irritations. Add ANY of the essential oils included in this set to your diffuser and get breathing! Health Shield, in particular, should be diffused every single day to defend against sickness, and our Breathe Blend is the perfect choice for those long, stuffy-nosed nights!


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It’s important for you to know that not all essential oils are created equal. Many essential oil companies offer “fragrance oils” in place of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, which may mean that the oil has been diluted by harmful chemical additives.

What makes an essential oil therapeutic is the percentage of volatile compounds it contains. A high-quality essential oil will not have been diluted or adulterated with harmful chemicals. Healing Solutions essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure therapeutic-grade. Each oil has been tested to ensure that every customer gets only the purest and most potent end product.