Essential Oil Essentials +The Mid-Year Sale! Posted on 07 Jul 14:12

So it’s hot out. Middle-of-summer hot. The kind of hot that we all wait for and then complain about once it arrives (as we scurry in sweaty masses to air-conditioned havens). Now, that’s a funny visual and may be a bit more true for us here in Arizona than in other parts of the nation, but the fact remains that heat can take its toll on a person. If you’re not careful, it can be very easy to become dehydrated, drained of energy, and even experience light-headedness or nausea as a result!

SO! Be sure to drink plenty of water (like, a lot!) and practice intentional awareness on the state of your physical body. When you feel the energy reserves beginning to dip, that’s your cue to refill that glass of water and maybe even get some good plant energy in you as well!

Another great way to spend the high heat of these summer months is in the company of refreshing scents! In fact, we’ve got our MID-YEAR SALE coming up here for a short stretch of THREE DAYS ONLY, so this is the PERFECT time to stock up on the year-round essentials! Let’s take a moment to review some of our absolute favorite must-haves.


A summertime favorite, this essential oil not only smells delicious and familiar, it ALSO acts as a natural repellent for mosquitoes! Keep this one handy both indoors and outside, mix it with some of your other favorites, even consider diluting with some lotion or carrier oil and wearing it as a perfume to create a worthy defense against those pesky skeeters!

This is your secret weapon essential oil. Not only is it beneficial to the immune and respiratory systems… Not only does it help to relieve systems of anxiety and stress… Not only does it help improve conditions of the skin… But it is also believed to enhance the therapeutic benefits of any oil that it’s blended with! Can you believe that? We use Frankincense for just about EVERYTHING here!

You probably already know that we can’t say enough good things about Lavender, right? Lavender is the #1 go-to essential oil for household use. It’s calming, has a wonderful effect on the human system, smells so yummy, and can be used any NUMBER of helpful ways. Add it to your diffuser at nighttime for enhanced sleep, use it to help soothe skin irritations, or wear it as a perfume! You can never have too much Lavender on-hand!

Peppermint, peppermint, peppermint. Use it to clear your sinuses. Rub a drop on each temple when you have a headache to find near-instant relief. AND THE REAL SECRET: use peppermint essential oil to ZAP skin blemishes in no time! This is not a joke: just a drop of peppermint oil applied to any skin blemishes and they’re gone by the next day! It’s the most amazing thing! Try it for yourself.

We call this our “happy oil” here at the office. The citrus scent of our sweet orange is helpful for supporting feelings of happiness and contentment. It can also help to relieve symptoms of tension and stress and is even believed to increase focus! It also has strong surface cleansing powers and makes a WONDERFULLY fresh-smelling household cleaner!



Regardless of which essential oils you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy taking full advantage of our MID-YEAR SALE. And don’t forget: the sale is sitewide! Which means you can apply your 10% OFF to any item in the store, even the sets! (Sets are THE best and least expensive way to get yourself stocked up on ALL the essentials at once!) Simply apply the discount code MIDYEAR at checkout to enjoy your summer savings!

REMEMBER: lots of water + lots of intentional awareness to the needs of your body + lots of yummy essential oil fragrances = a happy, safe, and healthy summer!


It is very important to know that not all oils are created equal. While they might all smell similarly, there is a BIG difference between a basic fragrance oil and a truly therapeutic-grade essential oil.

Don’t fall for marketing hype! All Healing Solutions essential oils are tested and verified to be 100% pure and unadulterated. We care about your ultimate health and happiness; that’s why every batch of our essential oils is the result of careful sourcing, careful testing, and the hard work of dedicated professionals.