15 Essential Oils To Help You Be Your Best You! Posted on 01 Jan 12:23

Recent research shows that of the 40-50% of Americans who will make a New Year’s Resolution this year, only about 8% will actually succeed in maintaining it. That’s not a very high success rate… but don’t let the statistics get you down!

If you’re ready to improve your health and happiness, or simply want to get things back on track after the holidays, we’ve got you covered! Of course, everyone has different goals in mind, but we’ve taken the time to customize 5 unique new LIMITED EDITION bundles to match the Top 5 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions.

Each Resolution Bundle includes three handpicked essential oils and one of our stylish ultrasonic diffusers. Click on any bundle to learn more about the essential oils we chose and why. Choose your bundle based on the resolution that suits you best!


Cleanse & Detoxify. After indulging in all of the goodies this holiday season had to offer - warm & gooey cookies straight out of the oven, candy, turkey, egg nog... the list goes on and on (and hopefully you took part in every delicious bite!) - you might be feeling a bit sluggish. But at some point, when all of the celebrating has ended, it’s time to reboot your system and get back on track with your regular dietary habits and active lifestyle. This can be tough to do but cleansing and detoxifying is a great place to start! That’s why we created this LIMITED EDITION Detox Bundle.


Shed a Few Pounds. It’s easy (and super fun!) to ditch your diet during the holidays, but you probably already knew that if you were going to fully partake in seasonal goodies, your waistline was bound to suffer. If you’re not loving what you see on the scale on this side of the holiday season, you’re not alone! But it’s easier than you might think to get rid of that holiday “jiggle”. Try adding this LIMITED EDITION Weight Loss Bundle to your daily New Year’s Resolution routine.


Get Happy. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year can take it out of you… phew!! It’s not just your body that can feel like it’s been put through the ringer, either. Sometimes your good mood can be hard to hold onto, especially on this side of the holiday breaks. While there are many stressors during the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your holiday spirit after the New Year. We designed this LIMITED EDITION Mood Bundle to help keep you in good spirits, even after the festivities have ended.


Get Better Sleep. Getting back into the swing of things can be really hard to do after the holidays, especially when you haven’t had to rise & shine to the sound of your alarm for more than just a few days. But if you have trouble getting good, restful sleep you aren’t alone. It’s estimated that about 47 million Americans suffer from sleep troubles like insomnia, trouble staying asleep, and sleep deprivation. If one of your resolutions is to get some better Zzzzzz’s, check out our LIMITED EDITION Sleep Bundle here.


Stop Feeling Fatigued. It’s pretty common to feel tired during the day, but if you generally feel worn out throughout the day or simply can’t shake off that feeling of weariness, it could be chronic fatigue. Fatigue is more than just feeling tired, it is actually a medical condition in which a person becomes (and stays) mentally and physically exhausted for an extended period of time. It can affect other aspects of your health, too, and can contribute to some serious problems including anemia, a higher susceptibility to infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and even some cancers. This is why we assembled the all-new LIMITED EDITION Energy Bundle, to help you find that boost of clarity and positive, productive energy you deserve.



Turning your New Year’s Resolution into a lasting lifestyle change takes time and a commitment to achieving your own personal milestones. Not only that, it also takes a plan. Many of us come up with grand resolutions, but achieving them is easier said than done.

We genuinely care about the health and happiness of all of our customers and we truly want to help you be the best version of you in 2016! So here is a game plan to help you get there, no matter what you have resolved to do on your way to being your BEST you!

Get Real. Setting realistic goals is the first step to making your resolution a reality. Start by setting a few small milestone points, and work your way through them one at a time. This way you’re much less likely to feel overwhelmed or quit.
Make a Friend. One of the hardest parts about making a lifestyle change is that, more often than not, you’re making it alone! This is one of the #1 reasons people give up on their resolutions before they stick. Remember, it can take up to 30 days to create a new habit, so surround yourself with like-minded people. They’re great at helping to pass the time and taking the burden to stay motivated off of you.
Reward Yourself. Obsessing over reaching your goal isn’t how to get there. It’s all too easy to beat yourself up over what you didn’t do, and that can cause you to feel like hitting your health and happiness targets is just too hard. Always remember to be patient with yourself. Instead of worrying about every slip up, reward yourself for everything you do that gets you one step closer to being your best YOU!



Making essential oils a part of your healthy and happy lifestyle is a great way to gain tons of health benefits and detoxify your environment. But it’s a buyer-beware world out there! Essential oils that are intended to be used for therapeutic purposes must contain a high percentage of concentrated volatile compounds from the plant which they are derived. These compounds are the chemical constituents responsible for the many healing abilities of essential oils.

Don’t fall for marketing hype. Not all essential oils are truly “therapeutic grade” even though many companies will claim this is so. Every Healing Solutions essential oil is tested and verified pure and unadulterated. Each bottle is 100% plant essences and will never contain fillers or added chemicals, so you know you’re getting the highest-quality product available, wherever you decide to use it.