Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that has been used for thousands of years. The powerful practice of using aromatic compounds from plants to stimulate certain parts of the brain results in many therapeutic benefits including a better mood, restful sleep, resistance to common infections, and so much more!

It’s the time of year when you want everything to feel warm, inviting and bright. But sometimes we can suffer from emotional disturbances, lose our good mood, and end up missing out on all the spirit of the season has to offer. Don’t let that happen! Instead, take advantage of the many healing benefits of aromatic plant essences this season!


We know that during the holidays your environment can become hectic. You might have a seemingly endless list of to-do’s, more people in your home (children, pets, and even unruly in-laws that just seem to want to make things harder on you) - but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your holiday cheer or your good health!

We truly care about the happiness and healthy lifestyles of all our customers and so to give you that extra little boost you might need during the next few weeks, we want to offer you a special gift. From now until December 26th, every order of $75 or more will receive a FREE Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace so you can take your favorite fragrances with you anywhere you go!


  1. Get Better Sleep. During times of prolonged stress, it can be difficult to unwind at bedtime. Many people find that they wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep. Get the rest you need by using this exclusive essential oil diffuser gift! There are many options for essential oils that help relax both your body and mind before you drift off to dreamland. Just remember not to wear the necklace to bed - we recommend setting it on the nightstand beside your bed instead.

  2. Clear Your Sinuses. Consider your running nose, the congestion in your chest or the watery eyes you have as a result of your cold or flu… Now consider all of the things you still have to do even though your pockets are stuffed full of tissues! Wearing an essential oil diffuser necklace diffuser slowly releases aromatic plant essences used for centuries to loosen phlegm, soothe irritated sinuses, and even kill off airborne bugs that can cause those infections in the first place.

  3. Keep Pets Calm. If your home gets a little chaotic this time of year, you’re not alone! One of the easiest things to forget is that your pets pick up on all of that energy and they can often react negatively to it. Consider using an essential oil diffuser necklace on your pet to reduce their stress levels and other common health problems. There are so many different essential oils that can help to ease common ailments your pets suffer from including digestive upset, general anxiety, and even insomnia.

  4. Spread Holiday Cheer. You can take the fragrance of an evergreen forest with you wherever you go by adding a few drops of Pine, Fir Needle, or Juniper Berry essential oils. Love the smell of holiday kitchens? Add a few drops of Cinnamon Bark or Nutmeg to your necklace diffuser! The options are limitless and you’ll be able to blend all kinds of seasonal treats to take along with you anywhere you go.

  5. Give One Away! If you’re looking for that perfect gift you can give to everyone in your life (family, friends, co-workers, hairstylists, mailman… you name it!), the essential oil diffuser necklace is it! With so many uses and health benefits, it is just right for anyone on your “Nice” list. Pick up as many as you need to go around this year, and don’t forget to grab one for yourself!


Relax and restore your body & mind this year with these delightful homemade blends.

Twinkling Christmas Tree
    Warm & Spicy Kitchen
      Cozy Fireplace
        Snowy Forest

          Directions: You can blend these holiday scents together at home in a diffuser, drop them into your diffuser necklace, or add them to 2 ounces of distilled water and shake them up in a spray bottle for use at home, in the office, or your car for holiday fragrance. Spritz away!


          Make any or all of these wonderful holiday essential oil recipes using our LIMITED EDITION Holiday Gift Sets: the Christmas King (3) Set, Aroma Holidays (6) Set, Best Christmas (6) Set, and Best Christmas Aromatherapy (14) Set.

          All of these great collections are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and were designed to feature only the best scents of the season, so get them now!


          Many companies claim to provide “therapeutic grade” essential oils but, for many of them, it’s just marketing hype. If a company isn’t testing their oils, then you are most likely getting a product that has been watered down and diluted with chemicals.

          As always, you can count on all Healing Solutions Essential Oils to be free of all additives. We test and verify every bottle so that you get 100% pure unadulterated volatile oils every time. Order with confidence! Your health means everything to us.