10 Best Essential Oils for Repelling Spiders Posted on 30 Oct 10:30

As it begins to get cooler outside, spiders and other insects want INSIDE! If it seems like you’re seeing more of them during the Fall and Winter months, it’s not just in your head - you are! It’s not only because of the change in temperature, it’s also because this time of year is their mating season. You are more likely to notice them leaving their homes to search for a mate during the colder months or they might be looking for a warm place to lay eggs. (Yuck!)

If you don’t necessarily want to kill the little critters, but would still like to rid your outdoor and indoor environments of them, essential oils are a great way to replace toxic bug sprays. They won’t harm you, your children, or your pets. This year, instead of sharing your home with unwanted arachnids, use these 10 essential oils to create natural, effective spider repellents:

10.  Rose. Derived from rose petals, you would never guess that this delicately fragranced essential oil could be toxic. But it is to spiders! Ideal for combining with other essential oils to lighten the scent of a natural bug spray.
9.  Lavender. This essential oil is sweet and smells wonderful, but spiders simply can’t stand it! Its floral fragrance will keep them away with a more subtle scent than rose.
8.  Cinnamon. Made from tree bark, this common kitchen spice is not inviting to spiders. The compounds found in cinnamon that give it a warming scent and flavor are exactly what causes irritation to spiders’ sensitive extremities.
7.  Lemon. Oranges, limes, and grapefruit have been used for thousands of years to discouraging creepy crawlers. Lemon is one of the most effective citrus fruits when it comes to deterring pests.
6.  Peppermint. Refreshing and ideal for the Fall and Winter seasons, peppermint is powerfully fragrant. It’s this Christmas-y scent that spiders despise.
5.  Tea Tree. This is one of the most versatile and well-known essential oils. A powerful cleanser and disinfectant, it provides antibacterial and antifungal abilities along with a potent fragrance that spiders will retreat from.
4.  Eucalyptus. The scent of eucalyptus works well with other Fall and Winter fragrances, and will stand alone as a spider deterrent, too. It blends well with tea tree and cinnamon.
3.  Citronella. The active compounds of this essential oil make it a powerful natural insecticide that works to deter many different types of bugs. Spiders especially hate the citrus-y taste and fragrance they pick up on their feet and legs.
2.  Garlic. Garlic contains a natural sulfur compound called allicin that is very irritating to spiders. It will also kill microbacteria and repel flying insects like mosquitoes, along with fleas and ticks.


The Healing Solutions Pest Shield Blend is your #1 best way to deter those creepy crawly pests. It contains a range of sweet yet earthy-smelling essential oils known to keep away all types of insects as well as spiders! It combines amyris, cedarwood, citronella, pine and sweet orange essential oils to create a delectably-scented means of warding off unwanted pests.


Making an all-natural spider repellent spray is super simple! All you need to do is mix water and essential oil together and then apply the mixture to any places that spiders gather or spin webs. You can use the spray inside, but remember that oils may stain carpets, upholstery, bedding and other items in your home.


    • 1 quart of water
    • 2-3 drops any essential oil
    • 2-3 drops additional oil, for fragrance or to increase potency

Pour the water into a spray bottle. Add your choice of essential oils and shake well to blend the mixture.

To Use:
Use your spider spray inside cracks, around doors, light fixtures, and windows. You can even spray it directly onto spider webs. Reapply once a week anywhere spiders tend to return during peak seasons.


This simple water and essential oil mixture is usually enough to keep bugs away, break down webs, and in some cases even kill creepy crawly spiders when sprayed directly on them. But there are some types of spiders that can be more resistant than others. If you find that you need a more powerful insecticide, add any of the following ingredients to your homemade bug spray. Start with small amounts at first until you see what combination works best for your home.

Liquid Soap - You can use regular dish soap, or a multi-purpose castile liquid. The soap will kill just about anything that has an exoskeleton. Use about 5 drops of liquid soap per 1 quart of water.
Vinegar - The natural acidity of vinegar is a deterrent to spiders and other insects as well. It’s helpful to spray around the home as a disinfectant, too!
Table Salt - A high potency saline mixture is enough to irritate the senses of a spider on its own. When added to a water/essential oil mixture, it helps to blend the ingredients while increasing potency.
Baking Soda - This natural household cleanser has the ability to kill off bacteria and other microscopic pests. It’s this same quality that makes it an effective addition to any anti-spider spray.


Spiders are fascinating creatures. For this reason, many people don’t necessarily want to harm them, they just don’t want them in their homes. Here 5 things you might not know about arachnids:

1.  Spiders can only eat liquid.
2.  They are covered in hairs that trap water so they can’t get wet.
3.  If exposed to soap they will drown.
4.  There are about 38,000 species of spiders and researchers believe many more are out there.
5.  Most spiders live for about a year. (However, some tarantulas live for more than 20 years!)

    One of the most interesting things about spiders is that their sense of taste and smell works through the use of sensory organs on their legs and feet. This is why essential oils are so effective in repelling them. Spiders simply cannot stand the smell of some plants (especially those listed above)!

    While spiders and their webs can be beautiful, they can also be dangerous. Some spider bites can actually hospitalize an adult! So use your homemade spider repellent in and around your home to keep creepy crawlers at a safe distance.


    When using essential oils as an insect repellent, potency is key. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to provide high-quality volatile oils that contain concentrated levels of active compounds… but it’s simply not true. Unfortunately, many companies today are manufacturing hydrosols (or watered-down essential oils), and calling them therapeutic. Some brands will dilute their oils with additives, lowering the quality and efficacy of the product.

    Healing Solutions essential oils are derived from carefully selected plant materials and stored in a way that preserves their active constituents. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that our customers receive only the highest-quality oils for therapeutic uses.

    So buy with confidence! Shop Healing Solutions 100% Pure Essential Oils today!