How to Create an All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Using Essential Oils Posted on 07 Sep 15:03


Summer is almost over, and while that means the risks of sun burns, overheating, and Aunt Bessie’s grilling are diminishing, one summer hazard will continue to lurk for several more months to come: mosquitos. If you’ve been watching the news, you know that these pesky creatures are responsible for more than just itchy red lumps. They can also be carriers of dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and yellow fever, to name a few. Those who are especially allergic to mosquito bites might suffer additional swelling and may even need to use heavy-duty medication to relieve symptoms.


Perhaps worse even than getting bitten is the variety of poisonous concoctions sold as insect repellents these days.

  • DEET, a chemical used in the majority of store-bought insect repellents, has been linked with central nervous damage, seizures, comas and even death!
  • Picardin is another substance more recently found in repellents. While Picardin has not been officially associated with known side-effects, there is no substantial data establishing its safety.
  • Metofluthrin is the chemical used in new clip-on insect repellent fans. Arguably healthier than direct application to the skin, these fans are supposed to repel mosquitos from your immediate area. However, Metofluthrin, like DEET, is also hazardous to your nervous system.


While it may seem that those who want safety from insects and harsh chemicals are between a rock and a hard place, natural insect repellents have become more and more popular. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, all-natural mosquito repellents use essential oils and other safe ingredients to effectively safeguard you from bites. And, it’s surprisingly simple to make an effective and safe mosquito repellent using essential oils.


Before mixing your own mosquito repellent, it’s important to note that not all essential oils are of the same quality. Those that are labeled “fragrance quality” can contain synthetic components that are not derived from a plant base. These lower-quality essential oils will not work nearly as well as their pure counterparts. Premium or pure essential oils are distilled directly from the plant (or root, herb, etc.) with no additional ingredients, ensuring their effectiveness and potency.

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Mosquitos dislike several different essential oils, which is good! It means you get a lot of fun options for creating unique scents. Some examples include citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, basil, and lemongrass. But, before you decide to walk out of the house smelling like grandma’s homemade pesto, the recipe below is both effective and pleasant-smelling:

Shake before each use. For a stronger repellent, use larger doses of your essential oils. You can also add half an ounce of vodka or witch hazel to the mixture above to increase the level of protection from mosquitos.

If you have a particular essential oil preference, you can also easily customize this recipe to better suit you. Any of the essentials listed above will work to ward off pesky bloodsuckers.

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