How to Make the Ultimate Cough, Cold and Flu Tea with Essential Oils Posted on 03 Sep 14:33


Everyone gets sick from time to time, but recovering from an illness can be difficult for some. Going to the doctor may not help solve the problem as quickly as you’d like, but you can always make your own tea at home to find relief when you fall ill. This article will show you how easy it is to make and experiment with delicious teas right from home. You’ll want to keep all the ingredients mentioned below in stock so you have what you need waiting when you need it. The teas described below should help that throbbing head, and the ingredients have been hand-picked to help flush and soothe packed and irritated sinuses. Pick your favorite variation and find what works best for you!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use only pure, premium, or therapeutic grade essential oils in your tea. Other, lower-quality oils such as “fragrance oils” will not only be astoundingly less potent, they will also often contain chemicals which may not be good to ingest. The last thing you need is for your “healing tea” to make you feel sicker! Healing Solutions tests and verifies all of its oils so that you get only the purest essential oils and blends at prices you can afford.


The best oils for this tea are lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Not all essential oils are meant to be taken internally, so be careful when you’re adding new oils to the blend. We always recommend that you research each oil before deciding to ingest it. You may include wild orange or ginger oil to add a citrusy twist or a bit of spice. The number of drops you use of each oil will change based upon your personal needs and flavor preferences. Consider starting small and adding as you go until you’ve found that perfect sweet spot.


Most people use water as a base liquid for their tea, but you may use any kind of milk to get the same results. In fact, milk helps to coat your throat when you are sick, and you may prefer the feeling of milk if you’ve been coughing all day. You can always use almond or coconut milk if you’re lactose intolerant. Heat the liquid before adding the oils and other ingredients.

1. The Ultimate Cough, Cold and Flu Tea Recipe

  • Base liquid (hot)
  • Five drops of lemon essential oil
  • Two drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • One drop of peppermint essential oil

The eucalyptus oil and the peppermint oil will work double-duty to help clear out your sinuses. You may reduce the eucalyptus oil to one drop if you are sensitive to its odor, and you may wish to increase the amount of peppermint oil when you are especially stuffy. Drink the tea while it’s still hot, and do not be afraid to have more than one cup of this tea. Everything in this tea is natural and beneficial to your body, so you probably can’t drink too much of it.

2. The Cayenne Pepper Variation

You may choose to add cayenne pepper to the original tea if you want to give yourself a bit of a jolt. The cayenne pepper naturally works to enhance awareness, stimulate proper digestion (often forgotten by your body during illness), and pairs well with the eucalyptus and peppermint oils to clear your sinuses. If you can stomach it, cayenne pepper has long been used as a powerful natural remedy, aiding the body in its effort to heal itself.

3. The Peppermint Oil Overload

Peppermint oil can also be used as a primary ingredient of your tea. Use higher doses of peppermint oil in your tea without adding other essential oils, and you should notice a tingling sensation or opening of the sinuses immediately. Simply sniffing the tea before drinking may help you feel better, and you may even enjoy the flavor more by removing the strong eucalyptus flavor.


Your body will respond well to teas like the ones we’ve described above when you’re unwell because the human system is smarter than we give it credit for. Discovering and applying natural solutions to everyday sicknesses allow the body to reorient itself in its effort to heal. In many ways, sickness is the body’s method of purging unwanted invaders. By coming alongside it with all-natural, soothing ingredients, we aid in the process of natural healing.

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