The 5 BEST Essential Oils for Healthy Digestion Posted on 11 Mar 11:00

Essential oils for digestion

Your digestive system works hard breaking down the foods that you eat into nutrients that your body demands. It absorbs them, and helps convert those nutrients into energy to support the proper functioning of all the cells, organs and systems in your body. It is also responsible for an estimated 80% of your immunity!

As you probably already know, your digestive system is a very important part of maintaining your overall health, but taking good care of it can be tricky in the fast-paced world we live in. Because your diet is the #1 influencing factor in maintaining digestive health, it can be easily harmed by the Standard American Diet, or SAD.

The SAD is just that – SAD. Today, most people in the U.S. consume large amounts of highly-processed foods including refined grains (carbohydrates), packaged deserts, and sugary beverages and very small amounts of whole natural foods like fruits, vegetables and fish. It is because of this that many people suffer from a variety of digestive disorders ranging from discomforts like gas, bloating and indigestion to dangerous symptoms of more serious indigestion, chronic irritability, hemorrhoids and bowel inflammation.


If you suffer from digestive upset, essential oils may provide some relief! Start with these 5 essential oils for better digestive health:

1. Ginger. Warm and spicy, this fragrant oil is derived from a rhizome (root). The root itself has been used in kitchens all over the world for centuries for its ability to reduce symptoms of common stomach upset including nausea, bloating and gas. Also known to stimulate digestion, soothe and comfort.

2. Tarragon. The unique abilities of tarragon oil include lubricating the intestinal walls to support the digestive process. Able to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, it is also involved in the elimination of toxins. Also provides powerful anti-fungal properties to help keep intestinal parasites away.  

3. Peppermint. One of the most well-recognized and widely used essential oils for digestion. Peppermint is wonderfully fragrant, stimulating and refreshing. Also a potent oil that effectively eases common nausea, indigestion, and gas and stimulates the digestive process.

4. Clove. Soothing and comforting to the entire digestive system, clove oil is known to reduce inflammation within intestinal lining. This may help to relieve stomach upset. Also alleviates discomforts by relaxing smooth muscle tissues of the digestive tract to relieve spasms, nausea, gas and bloating. One unique compound called eugenol, found in clove oil is known to effectively treat yeast infections and candida (intestinal parasite) overgrowth.

5. Oil of Oregano. One of the most powerful essential oils for digestion. This oil contains potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic healing compounds that rival over-the-counter remedies for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Able to kill off pathogenic gut bacteria that live in the digestive system, oil of oregano is best when used only during times of distress to get regular digestion back on track.

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Essential oils contain plant-based chemical constituents responsible for the powerful healing benefits. Those compounds trigger a response in your nervous system, sending signals to your brain. These signals can include calming and soothing the intestinal tract, or stimulating digestion by encouraging parasympathetic activity. Each oil is different, but just a few drops of any essential oil makes a BIG impact.

There are 2 ways to use essential oils to support a healthy digestive system:

1. Aromatically. When used in your diffuser, or just inhaled out of the bottle, the vapors carry active chemical molecules into your body through the nose. They stimulate the olfactory nerve, located in the nasal cavity. This nerve contains fibers that send signals directly to your central nervous system – the system by which digestion is governed. 

2. Topically. Your skin absorbs everything that you put on it. When applied as a rub, lotion or in massage the active compounds found in essential oils enter your bloodstream to support the digestive system.

Digestive Massage Instructions: Starting at the belly button, apply the oil and then gently massage into the skin using an upward circular motion (apply gentle pressure with the pads of your fingertips, circling to the right). This can also be done in the back, over the liver and stomach. Remember to always dilute essential oils in coconut or sweet almond oil.

NOTE: Please do not use any essential oils for stomach upset or any other health problem without first consulting your health care provider. And we recommend that you NEVER use them internally.


When you are using a product that you know is going to enter your body, you need to be assured that it is non-toxic. After all, you want only the highest-quality, pure ingredients for yourself and your family. Sadly, today there are many essential oil companies out there that do not follow regulated practices on how their products are grown, extracted and processed.

At Healing Solutions, your health and happiness is our top priority. That’s why every batch of essential oils you’ll find here contains only 100% pure ingredients. No fillers, no chemicals – only tested, verified and certified therapeutic grade essential oils, for happy, healthy tummies!