The 7 Best Essential Oils for Making Romance on Valentine’s Day Posted on 12 Feb 11:00

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show the people you love just how much you care. It’s also a special day to celebrate the extraordinary bond we share with our romantic partners. Love blooms best in a warm and relaxed environment, and if you are looking for a few easy ways to spark romance, here are the best essential oils for that.

Set the mood this Valentine’s Day with these 7 essential oils for love:

    1. Aphrodisiac Blend. It’s your one-stop-shop for creating an alluring Valentine’s Day atmosphere. The Aphrodisiac Blend includes all of the classics: French Lavender, Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Wild Orange, and Ylang Ylang. A wonderfully sweet yet grounded essential oil blend made just for lovers.

    2. Rose. There’s nothing that says “I love you” like roses. It is possibly the most popular essential oil used for thousands of years in a variety of cultures and even Cleopatra of Egypt was said to use it in the pursuit of passion. Its lovely floral fragrance is easily recognized and imparts a calming, relieving affect as an aphrodisiac. 

    3. Jasmine. The delicate fragrance of sweet and seductive jasmine is exquisite for lovers. Proven to increase mental alertness and arousal, its refreshing scent is loved by both men and women. Builds confidence, improves mood and boosts libido!

    4. Ylang Ylang. The lightly floral aroma of Ylang Ylang is well known, and the name itself actually means “flower of flowers.” Commonly used as a base for blends and perfumes by both men and women, its fragrance is not overpowering. This essential oil has a unique ability to affect the hormones needed to build a strong sex drive. Also prized for its calming, relaxing properties.

    5. Neroli. This essential oil is traditionally used in wedding ceremonies. With a smell like an orange blossom, it is a beloved fragrance during the Spring season. Commonly found in bridal bouquets, Neroli flowers are able to calm nervous tension and stimulate romantic feelings – perfect for a wedding night or Valentine’s Day celebration.

    6. Sandalwood. Best known for its ability to create a peaceful and tranquil environment, this frequently used oil is common in perfumes and colognes. As a base note, it is able to stimulate romantic encounters and for this reason is a favorite aphrodisiac oil.

    7. Clary Sage. Able to influence hormone balance, clary sage essential oil is especially helpful for those women undergoing life changes. Its anti-depressant effect boosts a low libido, specifically attributed to hormonal shifts.


        Essential oils work to increase sexual desire by triggering a response in a specific area of the brain called the limbic system. This area plays a major role in sexual arousal, and is also where brain chemicals and neurotransmitters are produced that regulate everything from your mood to your emotions, and even your libido! The limbic system is uniquely stimulated by your sense of smell. Use any of these single essential oils alone or combine them to make your own personalized romantic blend for use in aromatherapy or sensual massage and get things fired up!


        If you want to share a one-of-a-kind gift with someone special in your life, here is recipe for DIY massage bars you can make in no time!


        How to make them:

          - Combine the butter and oils (besides the essential oils) in a small to medium-sized pan. Set the heat to medium/low and stir continuously until the mixture is fully melted but not runny. Do NOT boil. Set the mixture aside and allow to cool, but do NOT let the mixture to harden. Once slightly cooled, add in the essential oils. Stir until completely combined.
          - Place a silicone heart mold on a baking sheet and then slowly pour the mixture into the molds. Place the silicone mold in the refrigerator to speed the cooling process. May take up to 1 hour to completely solidify.
          - After you have let them harden, you can remove the heart-shaped massage bars from the mold and store them for gift-giving, or later use with your Valentine.

          To use them:

          Your body heat will naturally melt the combination of butters and oil in these massage bars. Make them your companion to a sensuous Valentine’s Day.


          The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your own Valentine’s Day blends is to choose fragrances that appeal to your partner the most. You don’t want to use an exotic scent if your Valentine would prefer a softer aphrodisiac like Vanilla. Use anything that fits the fancy of your sweetheart, and don’t forget that we also have the Sensation Blend for passionate nights, and the Love Blend for long-term romances as well as new flames.

          Want to keep romance simple? Pick up our Love & Passion Set! It contains everything you need to spice up your love life: The Adoration Blend, Aphrodisiac, French Lavender, Sensation Blend and the Love Blend. Or choose from any of these great single oils!


          What does therapeutic grade mean? When it comes to essential oils, it is what separates hydrosols (floral waters) from truly medicinal essential oils. Many companies out there today deliver fragranced waters or oils loaded with artificial fillers, chemicals or other additives that simply dilute the volatile plant compounds in essential oils that make them effective for use as medicine.

          Your ultimate health and happiness is our top priority, and that’s why we provide only 100% pure essential oils of the highest concentration and quality. All Healing Solutions essential oils are tested, verified and certified unadulterated so you know that no matter which oil you purchase that every single bottle is the highest-quality product on the market.