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Find Natural Relief - Stocking Up for the Winter Months

Ok, so we’re all familiar with this time of year and what it means. And sure - while the changing leaves and eventual snowfall can be supremely beautiful, the sinus and allergy season they bring along with them definitely is NOT. So what to do? Lucky for you, we’ve been getting creative. Have a look at some of our favorite tricks for relieving those wintertime blues!

10 Essential Oil Recipes for Re-Creating Our Favorite Scents of Fall

Essential oils help us to access happier places in time and space. Sure, they’re healthy and beneficial in a number of other ways; but there’s something to be said for the way a specific scent can transport you with such precision and immediacy. Relish the following recipes along with all the pleasant memories they evoke.

Essential Oil Essentials +The Mid-Year Sale!

So it’s hot out. Middle-of-summer hot. The kind of hot that we all wait for and then complain about once it arrives (as we scurry in sweaty masses to air-conditioned havens). A great way to spend the high heat of these summer months is in the company of refreshing scents! In fact, we’ve got our MID-YEAR SALE coming up here for a short stretch of THREE DAY...

The SPRING Sale: 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

Springtime is a season of renewal. So let’s celebrate the solstice with some Spring cleaning! Here are just 5 ways you can Spring clean yourself for your BEST health.

The 5 BEST Essential Oils for Healthy Digestion

Essential oils for digestion

Your digestive system is a very important part of your overall health, but taking good care of it can be tricky in the fast-paced world we live in. If you suffer from regular stomach upset, essential oils may provide some relief! Start with these 5 essential oils for better ...

Spring into Spring With These 5 Healthy New Habits


Healing Solutions - Spring


During January we talked about developing new wellness resolutions to improve your healthy lifestyle. They included feeling more en...

5 Ways Essential Oils Can Improve Your Yoga Practice

Essential oils have been used in yoga for thousands of years by beginners and experienced yogis alike for their many benefits. Able to improve mental functioning and awareness, reduce stress (both mental and physical) and also cleanse the environment, these powerful plant essences truly have a place near your mat. Here are just 5 ways you can use essential oils to better your personal practice - no matter where you are!


An Essential Oil Dilution Guide for Beginners and Beyond

Essential oil dilution guideHave you ever wondered why essential oils come in those tiny 10 ml bottles? It's because the active chemical compounds found in essential oils are so potent and powerful that just a few drops goes a LONG way. How much or how little essential oils to use depends on what your purpose is. Here is a brief guide to dilution of essential oils, that you can use everyday!

The 7 Best Essential Oils for Making Romance on Valentine’s Day

Essential oils increase sexual desire by triggering a response in a specific area of the brain called the limbic system. This area plays a major role in pleasure and arousal and is uniquely stimulated by your sense of smell. Use any of these single essential oils alone or combine them to make your own personalized romantic blend for use in aromatherapy or sensual massage and get your Valentine's Day...

5 DIY Winter Skin Remedies That Work

5 DIY Winter Skin Remedies That Work

There’s nothing fun about dry skin and during the winter it is even more challenging to lock moisture in and keep the damaging elements out. If you’re suffering from dryness you can re-hydrate and restore winter skin with these great DIY treatments (all made with soothing essential oils of course!).

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